It’s Movember, are you protected?

It’s Movember, are you protected?

It’s November already and it seems as if we Brits have entered autopilot preparing for the chaos that
December brings in the run up to Christmas. But November is a big month for men as many attempt
to grow moustaches on their upper lip reminiscent of the 80’sin order to raise awareness for men’s

According to the Movember Foundation in the UK, one man dies from prostate cancer every 45
minutes and testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer among young men. So, it is
important that men of all ages are suitably protected.

Research by Scottish Widows has shown that 58% of men with dependent children, don’t have life
insurance in case the worst should happen. This staggering statistic is even more important this
month as men around the country are doing their bit to raise awareness for men’s health.

Sometimes protection isn’t considered a priority but when men are dying, on average, six years
before women, insurance can provide greater value than anything fiscal. If things do go wrong and
the worst happens it can give long term peace of mind and security for loved ones, you can be safe
in the knowledge that there will be no added financial strain during these difficult times. That’s

Both Critical Illness and Income Protection can also provide that security should something happen.
If you are unable to work your mortgage repayments will keep coming so having a plan in place is
worth paying for!

Men sometimes assume that the worst won’t happen to them and it doesn’t bear thinking about,
but suitable protection will mean you don’t need to worry. So, this month if you see a moustache
when you’re out and about just remember that protection is definitely worth thinking about.
If you want to talk to your adviser to discuss your protection options, or simply want to know
what may be suitable for you, get in touch today!

*Payment Protection Insurance is optional. There are other providers of Payment Protection
Insurance and other products designed to protect you against loss of income.

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