Income protection – more than just income protection

Income protection – more than just income protection

Are you one of the 81% of Brits that have no income protection in place? According to the latest State of the protection Nation report from Royal London, Britain is incredibly under prepared in the event of long-term sickness, accident or ill health.

But income protection is now much more than just income protection. It can even help prevent long-term sickness or injury, as well as get you back to work quicker should you have had time off. Many policies have additional benefits that you may be unaware of.

Feeling ill but it isn’t serious enough to stop you working? You’ve got a sore back but can’t afford the physio? You’ve had time off work but need some career counselling?

Well some income protection providers can help you with all of this. Additional benefits of income protection include, among other things, physiotherapy and doctor’s appointments. But Payment Protection Insurance is optional. There are other providers of Payment Protection Insurance and other products designed to protect you against loss of income.

Some providers offer these benefits at any point in your policy lifetime. This means if you are suffering from an injury or illness – that might not be severe enough for a claim – you would still be able to benefit. If you need physio or a doctor’s appointment to prevent your condition worsening, that’s okay, you’re covered.

This could ensure your injury or illness doesn’t progress into something severe enough for you to need time off work. And in a time where us Brits are finding it increasingly difficult to get an appointment with our GP, these additional benefits are adding real value.

If you think you could gain from some of the additional benefits that income protection can provide, or you simply didn’t realise policies included them, give our Protection Specialist, Bernie Buron a call today!

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